State-of-the-art genomic and stability storage services

Source BioScience has expanded our North American capacity with a state-of-the-art facility in San Diego, CA, offering Genomic and Stability Storage Solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science organisations.

Sanger Sequencing Lab Now Open!

Our fast turnaround times, high quality, and SpeedREAD™ data delivery system are now available for the DNA sequencing needs of companies throughout the Greater San Diego area.

Stability Storage for Clients Anywhere in USA

For Biopharma research and production, climate-controlled sample storage is key.

The Source Genomics
Sanger Sequencing Lab
is Now Open In San Diego.

DNA Concentration

World-leading Sanger Sequencing Services

Rapid turnaround times for Sanger Sequencing and plasmid extraction services.

Source BioScience is a Global Leader in
Genomic Services and Stability Storage Solutions.

Source BioScience is an international provider of state-of-the-art laboratory services and products with facilities in the USA, UK, and Europe. We support global healthcare with Clinical Diagnostics, the Genomics industry with Sequencing and Bioinformatics, and Biopharma Research with Stability Storage solutions.

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