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Sanger Sequencing Services Now Available

Bringing decades of experience and customer satisfaction in Genomic Services in the UK and Ireland to US-based life science, pharmaceutical and research scientists.

Source BioScience Launches Sanger Sequencing Service in San Diego, CA to Support Researchers with Market-leading Genomic Services

August 22nd, 2022, San Diego, CA: A leading provider of Genomic services in the UK and Ireland, Source BioScience (“Source”), a part of SourceBio International plc, is now bringing decades of expertise and customer satisfaction in Genomic services to the USA.

Source is able to immediately serve biotechnology, pharmaceutical and research organisations in California and neighboring states with plans to expand its reach further across the US in the coming months. With further plans for rapid growth in the Genomics space, Source will also soon be offering plasmid extraction and Next Generation Sequencing services as part of its portfolio.

Source has already established close relationships with pharmaceutical and life science companies through its dedicated Stability Storage service. A growing Genomic services portfolio will enable partnered research organizations to gain further value and accelerate their discoveries and contributions to furthering health innovation.

Sanger Sequencing services are available via the Source BioScience website (, providing access to top quality genomic services with publication-ready data at unrivalled turnaround times.

In reflecting on the success of Source BioScience Sanger Sequencing Service in the UK, a customer from a leading research organization commented: “I started using Source BioScience after a recommendation and I am so pleased I switched. The onsite collection service is so easy to use and I have good quality sequencing data in my inbox by the time I come in the next day. This speed has made a huge difference to efficiency while the onsite collection has taken the stress out of submitting samples. I thoroughly recommend Source BioScience.”

Jay LeCoque, Executive Chairman and CEO, commented: “We are excited to be able to offer our world-leading genomic services to our US customer base to further biotechnology and academic research at an accelerated pace.”



SourceBio International plc

Jay LeCoque, Executive Chairman and CEO

Jeremy Fordham, General Manager US [email protected]

Dave Negus, Group Sequencing Manager [email protected]

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SourceBio is a leading international provider of integrated state-of-the-art laboratory services and products with a focus on improving patient diagnosis, management and care. Group revenues are derived from four core business units:

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SourceBio International plc (SBI) is listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

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